City - Iron Cliff


Iron Cliff, Village

The village of iron cliff is a small mining and farming town in the northern Nymanthium Empire near the border between the Empire and the Elven Wildlands. It’s named for the brown cliffs seen from the center of the town to the north.

Points of Interest

The Babbling Boot

Owner: Odo Thackeray, Bertram Thackeray Odo’s Grandson

The main inn and tavern of the town. It’s located on the main square across from the open air market.

This is where everyone gathers for special occasions and any travelers are put up. Being a small village, there’s not too much traffic, but there is some since Iron Cliff is a large source of iron for the Empire.

It’s run by Odo Thackeray and his grandson Bertram, two halflings. They’re well liked in the area and everyone thinks they’re stand up people.

In the evenings, the tavern really gets going as the farmers from the fields and miners from the mines come to blow off some steam. Odo runs an underground fighting club in the basement where the same farmers and miners come to blow off even more steam and settle disagreements. A mountain of a man Nick Rodney

’Giant’s Reprieve’ Wine – 3 gp bottle/7sp glass
House Ale – 3sp gallon/4cp pint
House Malt – 4 sp gallon / 6 cp pint
Silk Ogre Rum – 3 sp bottle / 5 cp shot

Bread Bowl – Stale white bread served with the remnants of last night’s meal made into a stew – 1 cp
Fish Soup – Hearty, spicy fish soup made from river perch. – 3 cp
The Challenge – 2 lb of pork (various pieces) on top of another pound of rice. – 2 sp, free if you can eat it in an hour without getting sick. (DC 13 Con check)
Sausage Plate – Various sausages – 4 cp
Roasted Vegetables – Various local veg – 1 cp

Open Air Bazaar

The open air bazaar is where all the merchants for the village come to sell their wares. Here’s a list of stalls:

  • Bower/Fletcher – Cicily Stanton
  • Candlemaker – Herleva Marston
  • General Goods -
  • Blacksmith
  • Baker – Emeny Oakley
  • Farmer’s Stalls
  • Herder’s Stalls

This is just where the stalls for the vendors are. Their places of business are actually spread around the town. The blacksmith’s forges and the baker’s ovens are elsewhere. The market usually gets started around 6am every day and many stalls close for lunch.

Jail/Sherrif’s Office

Any trouble makers are put in the small cell here. Once a month any serious offenders are shipped off to the nearest city for trial and punishment. Run by Low Ranking Guard. This is also where the help wanted board is posted outside.

The Hermit

A half-elf named Quelenna lives in the woods to the east of town. Most people know her and like her, especially the farmers. Any time anyone needs help with their farms due to weather, disease, or infestation they come to her.


  • Odo Thackaray – Tavern Keep – Elderly Halfling with salt and pepper brown curly hair. Always wanted his grandson to grow up and be something more, but the boy disappointed him at every turn. Secretly happy that the boy sticks around and helps out at the tavern.
  • Bertram Thackaray – Odo’s grandson, pudgy even for a halfling, bushy curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. Admires his grandfather and helps out as much as he can at the Tavern. Wants nothing more than to keep customer’s happy. Meets new people and is enthralled by stories told by travelers.
  • Nick Rodney – Miner/Barbarian – Stands 6’5" tall and works in the mines carrying/hauling large chunks of ore out of the mines. The work has made him very strong and is currently the underground fight club champion.
  • Roger Thorpe – Farmer/Fighter – A man with a warm, jovial air about him. His black hair is moppish with bangs that tend to cover his brown eyes. He’s cocky and self-sure and very careful with his appearance.
  • Giselle Dupre – Farmer/Monk – A lithe woman in her early 20s, she stands maybe 5’2" tall. She has long jet black hair in a pony tail that falls to hear waist and emerald green eyes.
  • Conrad Walpole – Dark Skinned, silver hair, grey eyes, average height and built well. Leader of the mines, wears tight fitting clothing still even though he’s in his 50s. Many see him as the de facto leader of the town. Narcissistic and money loving.
  • Arnold Chatham Lanky, tall. Farmer. Considers himself a man of sophisitication even though he’s never left Iron Cliff. Hangs onto every word of any story he’s told and eventually becomes the hero in his own retelling.
  • Emeny Oakley Full figured, 50s, blond thinning hair, glasses with silver brims. She’s the town’s baker.
  • Simon Tattersall Red, long, scraggly unkept hair. Yellow, broken teeth. Clear blue eyes. Wears barely there rags, walking cane, smells like the animals he keeps. Stable master/Cartwright.
  • Herleva Marston – Candlemaker – She’s taller than average and slender, with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.
  • Katherine Riley Attractive, lean and muscular. Herbalist and stoner. Short, close cut brown hair. Katherine knows of the hermit in the woods.
  • Cicily Stanton Wirey and tall (5’10"), she has chin length dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She’s a bit of a tomboy and prefers the woods to the town. She’s the town’s Bower/Fletcher. She knows of the Hermit.
  • Jacoba Sydney
  • Emma Tickle Short 4’11’’ and muscular. Her hair is sunbleached and she was beautiful in her youth but time has not been kind.
  • Beatrice Ashley

Plot Hooks

The Hermit

The druid is drawn to the hermit for some reason. He doesn’t know why, but that’s where the earth mother is guiding him. Likewise, the Hermit is the contact for the Elven Conclave. Recently the miners have dug into an underground cave system that is inhabited by some not so nice creatures.

She’s had visions of the adventurers and is waiting their arrival anxiously. The recent kobold attacks are a portent of their arrival. Since the opening of the kobold warren she’s had dreams of a dark ominous presence and the key to finding the solution are the adventurers.

She feels the presence of a magical device in the heart of the kobold warren. It’s a lich’s phylactery that was buried there before the Cataclysm. The kobold leader currently has it and is using it to empower his lieutenants and himself with magic.

Several of the towns people, especially the farmers, know of the hermit and if persuaded (DC 13 Persuasion) will tell the PCs about her. They’re very protective of her from outsiders since she does possess what could be considered magical skills and she helps all the farmers out from time to time with problems.

Kobold Incursions

The miners were digging a new shaft and hit an underground warren system of kobolds. They’ve since overrun this area of the mines and are using the cover of night to harass the farmers and ranchers, and steal or break mining gear.

If asked, several of the miners who frequent the Babbling Boot have been affected by the kobolds. A couple of them tell the PCs if asked that they saw ‘demon fire erupt from nowhere and burn several of their friends alive’.

Iron Cliff – Kobolds

Underground Fighting Ring

If the players so choose, they can involve themselves in the fighting rings under the Babbling Boot. On a DC 13 Wisdom (Perception) check they notice Odo leading some of the farmers down a back door. Over the night, they notice more and more people going down. DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check if they’re watching specifically for this, otherwise DC 13 Wisdom (Perception) check.

If they inquire about it, Odo is a little dodgy about the subject but will eventually tell them about it, but not to talk about it lest the significant others of the fighters find out and cause drama.

The ring works like this:

Someone who wishes to make a challenge throws some coin into the ring and stands into the ring. Everyone else who wishes to answer the challenge must throw an equal number of coin or something of equal value into the ring. They then enter the ring and the fight begins.

No weapons, no armor, just fisticuffs. Initiative rolls and standard combat. Fight until only one of the combatants is standing. Blows are non-lethal.


Nick Rodney
Barbarian 2, STR 16 Dex 13 Con 16 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha 10
HP: 25 AC: 14
Unarmed Attack: 5, 1d43 damage
Rage (bonus action), resistance to dmg when raging,
Tavern Brawler Feat

Nick is the current champion of the ring and will not enter the ring for less than a 5g wager.

Roger Thorpe
Fighter 1, Str 16 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 12
HP: 13 AC: 12
Unarmed Attack: 5, 4 dmg
Second Wind (1d10

Giselle Weston
Monk 1, Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 14 Cha 12
HP: 10 AC: 15
Unarmed Attack: 5, 1d43 dmg
Unarmed Strike (bns, make second attack)
Defensive Duelist (reaction +2 AC when hit with melee)

Str 10 Dex 10 Con 10 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10
Unarmed Attack: +2, 1 dmg
HP: 4 AC 10

Job Postings

Caravan Guard

One of the local merchants is looking to hire a group of guards for their caravan headed to
Berhurst down the king’s road towards the capital of the Empire, Slavonska.

The Arrival of the Zarazen

After the PCs deal with the kobolds, retrieve the phylactery, and give it to Quelenna the town celebrates their victory. If the PCs engages in the fighting ring, their combatants are espcially gracious and buy them rounds in celebration. Even Quelenna makes an appearence.

The halfelf warlock’s moonblade will send her a feeling of dread and cold as if the blade itself is fearful. The overall sensation is one of run away.

During this celebration, the Zarazen arrive in town. Conrad Wapole, the leader of the miners, had the local watchman Gunter Kent send off to Berhurst for aid with the kobold problem. The PCs arrived in town and dealt with it before the Zarazen could arrive, but here they are now.

As soon as the Zarazen enter the tavern, the druid’s crystal focus dims and the halfelf warlock’s blade is oddly silenced as if their connection was broken.

There are four members of this squad led by Petra Stanford. Once she enters the Babbling Boot with her crew everyone turns to the door and she speaks. She is haughty and confident. She strides into the tavern making snide comments about being late to the party and the village not really needing her at all.

Well at least her journey wasn’t a complete waste. Who knew there was a wanted person among them? Speak up now or the entire village will be punished for harboring a fugitive. Her attention then focuses on Quelenna. Anyone who attempts to speak up will find that they cannot even move a muscle.

She tosses a bag of red gold to Conrad for bringing Quelenna to justice. Anyone looking at Quelenna sees utter fear in her eyes even if her face is a smile due to being held. Petra motions to her squad and one of them rushes and secures Quelanna in hand covering manacles and a muzzle. Petra then waves her hand and Quelanna’s still rigid body starts to float behind her.

She exits the tavern and the squad begin their return journey.

City - Iron Cliff

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