City - Berhurst


Berhurst, City

Berhurst is in the northern part of the Empire along the Emporer’s Way. It sits on the shores of one of the largest and deepest lakes in the Empire, Lake Bodenska.


  • Human – 82% (3280)
  • Dwarf – 9% (360)
  • Halfling – 8% (320)
  • Other – < 1% (40)

Population ~ 4000
Watchmen 40
Tarseon Skellerang Captain
2 Lieutenants
6 Sergeants
31 Watchmen

Zarazen 4
Imperial Guard 10

Nearby Cities

  • Iron Cliff – 70 miles – 3 days
  • Great Wasteland – 60 miles east – 3 days
  • Slovenska – 300 miles southwest – 12 days


The city is separated into several districts.

North Gate

This district surrounds the northern gate into the city. It effectively serves as the merchant area where shops of various goods and sundry can be found along with the homes of the average merchants in the city.

Points of Interest
Minotaur’s Hammer Blacksmith
  • run by Ortegar Elderberry, stands 3’2", tall for a halfling. Golden curly hair and a close trimmed beard. Wearing a close fitting V-neck shirt under his leather apron. Upper body is strong and muscular while the lower half looks fairly normal.
  • Wooden large single story building with a brown tile roof and a koi pond out front. Hunting trophies line the walls and pots and supplies hang from the ceiling while weaponry is hung on the walls.

Ring Mail – 27g
Breastplate – 374g

Jasper’s Trinkets General Store

  • run by Jasper Kent, an average looking man with black rimmed spectacles. His auburn hair is slightly matted and messy.
  • Wooden building with a swinging french door entry. Shelves and cabinets are filled with trinkets and knick nacks. Several lanterns hand from chains of the vaulted ceiling.

Barrel – 2gp
Scale, 5gp
Lock, 10gp

Castle District

This district serves as the well to do area of the town. The better off merchants and city officials all live within this district.

Points of Interest
Berhurst Castle Administration Building

Built around the time of the cataclysm it’s newer than some of the fortifications in the Empire. It’s currently the seat of regional authority in the northern part of the Empire. The city council, head of the local Watch, and the Zarazen Captain all have offices in the castle.

The Honey Pot House of Cortege

  • run by Jenya
  • A brick two story building that is fairly unassuming. Next to the door is a placard without any words depicting a pot of honey that’s overfilled and dripping. Inside is a common room with a polished oak bar that several men and women are enjoying drinks and conversation. Around the common room are several semi-walled off areas where plush seats and coffee tables can be seen. Up one wall of the common room is a staircase that leads to a landing and to a hallway with many doors.

Female companionship, 2g/hr, 25g/evening
Male companionship, 3g/hr, 30g/evening

The Northern Sigil Jeweler
Timber framed small one story building with a red tiled roof and moss covered walls. A small dragon’s skull hangs over the entry door.

Gold Ring – 3g
Silver Drop Earrings – 4g

The Yard

The yard is a green space in the middle of Berhust that its citizenry can use. Restaurants and pubs line the square. The local watch garrison performs maneuvers here as well.

Points of Interest
The Groggy Gate Tavern
  • Run by Roland Payton
  • Along the main square and full of patrons. One of the more popular spots in the city. Known for its good drink and passable if reaching food. The interior of the place is a large open floor with pillars around the outside edge. A large brick oven fire pit sits in the middle of the place and cooks food. The tavern is attached to a private bathhouse that Roland keeps emplyed a couple of Jenya’s girls. No rooms are available, this is just a tavern.

Knotted Medusa Pinot – 3g/1g
Cat and Halfling Riesling – 7g/2g
Remorhas porter – 5sp/1sp
Incapacitated Rogue Malt – 4 sp gallon / 9 cp pint
Wine – 3 sp bottle / 5 cp shot

Jerky Strips 4c
Venison Stew in Bread Bowl – 8c
Fish Stew – 7c
Duck Cake with a slice of sharp cheddar – 6c

The White Bow Tavern and Inn

  • run by Bernard Alton, dark skinned man with a huge smile. He wears his dark hair in dreadlocks that come to between his shoulder blades. He has a warm, welcoming appearance and is eager to help out any travelers and provide them services they desire.
  • On the corner of the square, the tavern is a wooden tower with a green tile roof. Rooms are accessed externally via a spiral stair that spirals outside the tower leading to a walkway on each floor that bisects the building leading to differing sized rooms. The top of the five floors is a penthouse room that takes up the entire floor. The first floor contains the tavern. The inside is warm and inviting. Upon entering the bar is curved and takes up the northwest corner of the room. The kitchen and stoves are behind the bar in a room.

Lawless Rose Whiskey 5s/9c
Old Weasel Rum 9s/15c
Black Kraken Hard Cider 6s/1s
House Fruit Ale 5s/1s

Jerky Strips 5c
Stuffed Peppers 8c
Rabbit Soup 5c
Fried Lamb Lollips 12c
Rotisserie Turkey 13c

The Garrison Emperor’s Watch

On the south side of the yard is the watch garrison.

The Hook

Against the wall it’s where the lower class human citizens of the city live. It’s not an ideal place, but the buildings are solidly built and at least they’re inside the wall. Watchmen with families also have their homes here clustered near the barracks on the southern end of The Yard.

The Highdocks

The higher end docks for the human populace. The majority of the buildings in this area hold local food stuffs, fish mongers, etc. There’s rides and games for children and a few specialty shops for those traveling through the city. [Consider like Seattle’s Pier]

The Stonedocks

This is the low end docks and warehouse district. Many of the locals from the Chicken Crown fish here for the food they need.

Chicken Crown

The majority of the dwarves and halflings live outside the walls in the Chicken Crown. Most of the buildings in this area of the city are run down lean tos. It gets its name from the livestock that’s kept in the area and the smell that eminates from close proximity. It’s a sarcastic moniker.


Outside the town walls and shanty town are the farms and ranches that provide the town with food.

Shelly’s Farm

  • run by Raymond Shelly
  • Log cabin and a brown shingled roof. In one corner is a wood burning stove. The furniture is simple rough hewn wood. A stockpile of boxes and barrels lies hap hazardly in a corner. A calico cat sleeps lazily on the single bed in the room.


Important NPCs

  • Severen Navalant – Leader of the Council of Berhurst, Human, Male. Tall, thin with close cut black hair with specs of grey and full beard.
  • Ethan Nevorn – Councilman, Human Male, overweight and a glutton. A ring of unkept blond hair circles his head. He’s bald on top, but sports a magnificent mustache. Likes to partake of Jenya’s ladies.
  • Nila Ferant – Councilwoman, Human Female, Blonde hair and her skinned is tanned almost appaering orange. She usually wears a long tan cloak and understated natural colors. Her hair is auburn, very long, coming to her waist and well kept. Her eyes are violet and cunning.
  • Terseon Skellerang – Captain of the Watch, Human, Male, utterly faithful to Severen.
  • Petra Stanford – Leader of the local contingent of the Zarazen.
  • Jenya Urikas – Matron of the Cortege, appears as a human female with flowing red hair, golden eyes, and pale complexion. DC 18 Perception notices that her skin is a very subtle light green tinge. She is a dryad under employ of the Conclave.
  • Avery Hilless – Doctor taking care of the aristrocracy. She has shoulder length, straight, white hair and a pale complexion. She’s shrewd and is known for her discretion. She also does pro bono work for the Watch and has contacts there so that she can practice her medicine on inmates.
  • John De Bolbac Young, good looking guard of 19 years. Currently posted as the receptionist to the Garrison.
  • *Asher * Lieutenant of the Watch. Lead investigator on the zombies at the festival case.

Random NPCs

  • Helen Oaks Female Human, moderately tanned, wears dark, dour clothing with her hair up in a bun. Brown eyes that are slightly larger than normal. She’s jovial and happy and believes that people live their lives too quickly.
  • Thomas Mitchell Male Human, pale usually wearing a green Stetson hat. Patchy black beard and wild black hair when he takes his hat off. Full, round face. Attractive. Uses his charms to get what he wants.
  • Maynild Tenley Female Human, thin and unassuming, she walks with a slouch. Her hair is mostly auburn with prominant grey streaks. She wears crescent spectacles with black brim. She believes humans are better than others.
  • Aldous Lindsexy Male Human, dark skinned, tall, broad shouldered and powerfully built. Chestnut hair and a dull, vacant look in his hazel eyes. He has a cruel streak.
  • Purban Kettlewhistle Male Halfling, larger and stronger than most halflings. His skin is dark and sports a very sort crew cut and has the appearence of someone under the influence of some kind of drug. Believes everything happens for a reason and has a relaxed come what may demeanor.
  • Hobart Kettlewhistle Male Halfling, short red hair and green eyes, he’s a noisy rambunctious drunk who knows how to make people feel guilty. He keeps company with all kinds and likes to challenge the status quo.
  • Wymar Winterbourne Male Human, tall man with curly brown hair and sports a pair of thick round spectacles without which he would be blind. Stoic and calm.

Plot Hooks

Missing Children!

A local tribe of Sahuagin are kidnapping people. The fish in the lake are diminishing and they need a food source. They’ve turned to the local populace for sustenance.

Undead at the Festival!

Their main attraction is a beautiful singing woman who can hypnotize with her song. She has a companion tiger that she performs on to proove her abilities before calling on the crowd.. During a performance that the players attend, after she calls forth her volunteers and while singing to them they turn into undead. Their skin tightens as spikes erupt from their skin and they set upon the crowd.

This begins a lockdown of the carnival and questioning of the personnel. Could be used as a way into the jail system to rescue Quelanna.

Assassination Attempt

Upon opening the carnival and the Midsummer Festival, there is an assassination attempt on Severen.

Crops not growing

For much of the same reason that the fish are not spawning in the lake, the crops in the area are yielding less and less. Shelly’s farm seems to be the hardest hit. All signs point to the soil becoming infertile. Nobody has seen the Shelly family for a few weeks, have they moved on or something else?

Rescue of Quelanna

Qualanna is being held in the castle’s sub basement. Entrance and exit from the castle grounds is heavily guarded at all times. The floor she’s being kept on is warded against magic. A device on the floor emits an antimagic aura so that anything magical loses its properties while on the floor.

If resque is attempted and even more doubtful successful, Quelanna will not leave without the magical crystal recovered from the kobolds. She will sacrifice herself to regain it and make sure it makes it back to the Elven Conclave.

City - Berhurst

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