A millennia ago a great magical war raged culminating in a great battle that ended up destroying both factions in a magical explosion. The battleground was decimated, the magical weave that enables magic was rended asunder. The land was permanently scarred by the force of the explosion leading to the creation of the Great Wasteland. It is a place where nothing will grow and everything becomes contaminated.

In response to the cataclysm the emperor of the Nymanthium Empire enacted the Antimagic Decree. Any magic users or items that exhibited magical qualities were to be reported to the Watch. This was the only way to keep the empire and it’s citizens safe. Now, one thousand years from the cataclysm few people in the empire have seen magic. Those that do instantly report it without question to the Watch. Parents turn their children in for safe keeping and perhaps a cure to any innate magical power they possess. Most are never seen by their parents again and this is how it must be, to keep everyone safe.

Tanis - Nymanthium Empire